News and Events

21 September 2011

Name: Technical Seminar on CMM Recovery and Utilization in Ukraine and UNECE Best Practices Guidance for Effective Methane Drainage and Use

Sector: Coal Mines

Location: Donetsk, Ukraine

Event Details: The two-day event will bring together key experts in coal mine methane recovery and utilization to share information about modern drilling, ventilation air methane (VAM) oxidation technologies, and methane concentration systems. The seminar will take place in Donetsk, an important coal mining and economic region in eastern Ukraine.

Agenda: Final agenda (PDF, 3 pp, 85 KB)

Preparing Coal Mine Methane (CMM) Projects in Ukraine (PDF, 17 pp, 1.1 MB)
Meredydd Evans, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
Overview of Advanced Drilling Technologies (PDF, 8 pp, 779 KB)
Raymond C. Pilcher, Raven Ridge Resources, U.S.A.
Pre-Drainage of Deep Coal Seams (PDF, 33 pp, 5.1 MB)
Thomas Imgrund and Erwin Kunz, DMT GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
Directional Drilling for Gob Gas Drainage at the Belozerskaya Mine (PDF, 24 pp, 5.4 MB)
Jeff Schwoebel, REI Drilling, Inc., U.S.A.
Improved Drainage Boosts CMM to Power Economics (PDF, 11 pp, 1 MB)
Gerhard Pirker, GE Energy (Jenbacher), Austria
Electric Power Applications using CMM (PDF, 22 pp, 4 MB)
Igor Novad, CATERPILLAR CIS, Russia
Reserve Assessment, Pump Selection and Utilization Sizing for AMM and CMM (PDF, 36 pp, 1.9 MB)
William L. Tonks, Harworth Energy Limited, U.K.
CMM Extraction and Utilization at Public Company "Shahtoupravlenie Pokrovskoe" (PDF, 16 pp, 2 MB)
Andrey Bondar, Donetskstal Metallurgical Plant PrJSC
Examining Prospects for VAM Utilization in Ukraine (PDF, 18 pp, 667 KB)
Nikolai Zhikaliak, Donetskgeologiya (State Regional Geological Company)
Increase on Efficiency of CMM Recovery and Utilization at Zasyadko Coal Mine (PDF, 15 pp, 2 MB)
Vyacheslav Lukinov, Institute of geotechnical mechanics of National Academy of Sciences, Boris Bokiy, JSC "Mine after A.F. Zasyadko", Ukraine
VAM Oxidation: VAMOX® Technology and Project Experience (PDF, 33 pp, 3.6 MB)
Guy Drouin, Biothermica, Canada
VAM Processing: Background and Global Status (PDF, 44 pp, 10.5 MB)
Richard Mattus, MEGTEC Systems, Sweden