Tell us how you’re reducing methane emissions


View the video to learn about how GMI helps to reduce methane emissions around the world.

Methane Mitigation Activities

GMI provides technical and outreach support for a variety of methane mitigation activities around the world. These activities include technical assessments of emission reduction opportunities, information sharing and capacity building on methane emissions management, and GMI partnership-related activities such as in-person and virtual meetings and workshops.

GMI's Methane Mitigation Activities in 2019

Capacity Building/Information Sharing:
fostering best practices


Workshops/Trainings – China, Colombia, France, India, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Poland, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United States


Manuals/Websites/Other Outreach – All Partners

identifying opportunities for emission reductions


Reports/Tools/Models – India, Switzerland, Ukraine, and Partnership wide


Study Tours/Other Studies – China, India, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico


Pre-Feasibility Studies – Brazil, China, Colombia, India, Kazakhstan, Mexico

building relationships to foster action


GMI Meetings (Steering Committee/Subcommittees) – France, Switzerland, and Online


Conferences – China, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, United States


Site Visits – China, India, Kazakhstan


Informational Meetings and Presentations – China, India, Serbia, United States, Canada, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Colombia, France, Poland, Serbia, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine

Through GMI in 2019,



hosted activities where more than



received a total of approximately



of training about reducing methane emissions and capturing methane for productive uses.

Global Methane Emissions Data

Use this tool below to explore industry-specific methane emissions measurements and projections throughout the world based on data extracted from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency report, Global Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gas Emission Projections & Mitigation Potential: 2015-2050.

View Data

Methane Sites

Industries targeted by GMI for strategic efforts to reduce emissions account for more than 50% of the world’s methane emissions. Visit the map of methane sites to explore locations where GMI and our Partners have worked to reduce barriers to the recovery and use of methane as a clean energy source.

View Map of Methane Sites

Tools and Resources

GMI serves as an information resource for Partner Countries, Project Network members, and other stakeholders. Resources created through GMI activities, including models, technical presentations, reports, and others, are available from this website. GMI’s resource library currently contains more than 2,000 resources.

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