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Tell us how you’re reducing methane emissions

Project Network

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The Project Network is a growing community of private-sector entities, financial institutions, and other governmental and non-governmental organizations with an interest in methane abatement, recovery, and use projects.

Project Network members are actively involved in the Initiative and are critical to its success. Working with countries who are Global Methane Initiative (GMI) Partners, Project Network members can galvanize action, setting the stage for concrete methane projects.

Membership Benefits

  • Reduce costs and generate profits through methane abatement, recovery, and use projects.
  • Participate in GMI activities and meetings.
  • Gain direct access to technical expertise and assistance.
  • Benefit from cutting-edge news and information.
  • Identify and secure funding for projects.
  • Submit project ideas and activities to the subcommittees.

Membership Responsibilites

  • Support the goal of reducing global methane emissions and advancing the abatement, recovery, and use of methane as a valuable clean energy source.
  • Actively participate in GMI-sponsored workshops and events for the purpose of facilitating project development and information exchange.
  • Work with Partner governments and other members of the Project Network in identifying and undertaking cooperative activities aimed at overcoming challenges to cost-effective methane abatement, recovery, and use.
  • Take actions that support project development, such as emission inventories, feasibility studies, technology demonstration, technology deployment, and project finance.
  • Communicate your participation and report the results of your activities to other members.

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