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GMI sponsors and participates in events throughout the year. As a benefit to our partners and stakeholders, this page also highlights events that are not directly affiliated with GMI.

View a list of upcoming events below, followed by a list of past events. Click on an event to view more details and access meeting materials and proceedings.

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Upcoming Events

GMI Oil & Gas Subcommittee Webinar: Accelerating Methane Mitigation Through Markets

24 February 2021, Online

You are invited to the next GMI Oil & Gas Subcommittee webinar on Wednesday, 24 February 2021 from 15:00 to 16:30 UTC. You can confirm the local time of the webinar for your time zone by clicking here.

Webinar Topic: “Accelerating Methane Mitigation Through Markets”

This session will share insights on how leading policy and market approaches are accelerating actions and investments in methane mitigation globally. The webinar, hosted by the Global Methane Initiative (GMI) in partnership with the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA), will showcase a diverse panel of global experts across methane mitigation technologies, markets, finance, assurance, and protocols. 

The panel of experts will address the following questions:
  • What policy design elements and market/price signals are enabling methane mitigation? 
  • Where are these technologies being deployed at a notable scale? 
  • How can oil & gas stakeholders across other parts of the globe replicate these enabling market conditions for methane mitigation?  
Expert speakers will include:
  • James Diamond, GMI Oil & Gas Subcommittee Co-Chair, Environment and Climate Change Canada (Opening Remarks)
  • Katie Sullivan, Managing Director, IETA (Moderator)
  • Yvan Champagne, President, Bluesource Methane
  • Rob Hamaliuk, Executive Director - Climate Change Policy, Alberta Government
  • Michiel ten Hoopen, Founding Partner and Managing Director, ClearBlue Markets
  • Michael Cote, President, Ruby Canyon Environmental
  • Jamie Callendar, Vice President, The Inlandsis Fund
Brief individual presentations and a moderated discussion will be followed by an interactive Q&A session with the audience. 

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GMI Coal Mines Subcommittee Meeting

4 March 2021, Online

The 30th GMI Coal Mines Subcommittee meeting will be held on Thursday, 4 March 2021 at 14:00 UTC. The virtual meeting is being held in conjunction with UNECE’s 16th Annual Session of the Group of Experts on Coal Mine Methane (3-4 March 2021). You can confirm the local time of the meeting for your time zone by clicking here.  The meeting will be conducted on UNECE’s Intreprefy platform with simultaneous interpretation in English, French and Russian.

The draft agenda for the Coal Mines Subcommittee meeting is below:

  • Welcome from UNECE and GMI, 14:00-14:10 UTC
    • Ray Pilcher, Chair, UNECE Group of Experts on CMM
    • Volha Roshchanka on behalf of GMI Coal Mines Subcommittee Co-Chairs
  • GMI Secretariat Update, 14:10-14:20 UTC
    • Monica Shimamura, GMI Secretariat
  • Overview of Tools and Resources Available through GMI and CMOP, 14:20-14:30 UTC
    • Volha Roshchanka, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (United States)
  • Tools to Assist with Evaluating CMM Project Opportunities in Active Mines and AMM Resources, 14:30-14:40 UTC
    • Ozgen Karacan, U.S. Geological Survey (United States)
  • A Training Simulator for Management of Underground Methane Drainage Boreholes, 14:40-14:50 UTC
    • David Creedy, Sindicatum Sustainable Resources (UK/China)
  • CMM and AMM Calculation Methods in German Hard Coal Mines, 14:50-15:00 UTC
    • Dr. Stefan Möllerherm, Research Center of Post-Mining (Germany)
  • Pre-feasibility Study Training by GMI, 15:00-15:10 UTC
    • Clark Talkington, Advanced Resources International (United States)
  • CMM Project List: Analysis of Current Status &Trends, 15:10-15:20 UTC
    • Nazar Kholod, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (United States)
  • Summary of Action Items and Adjourn, 15:20-15:30 UTC
    • GMI Coal Mines Subcommittee Co-Chairs
If you plan to attend any of the meetings organized by UNECE, please complete the UNECE registration. If you already registered through UNECE for the complete series of meetings, you can also register with GMI to receive a calendar invite for the Subcommittee meeting as well as a notification when presentations become available on the GMI website.

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Future Energy Asia Exhibition and Conference

17–19 March 2021, Bitec, Thailand

The Future Energy Asia Exhibition and Conference will focus on post COVID-19 growth and energy transition and transformation in the region. Participants from Asia’s natural gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG), renewable, and power generation industries will collaborate to advance innovative solutions and strategies.

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Global Energy Show Exhibition & Conference

8–10 June 2021, Calgary, Canada

The Global Energy Show (formerly the Global Petroleum Show) exhibition and conference will provide a platform for international policy makers and industry leaders to collaborate and showcase their knowledge, innovation, and technologies with a common goal of matching increasing energy demand and transitioning to a lower-carbon economy. Attendees will have an opportunity to collaborate with companies providing the latest cutting-edge technologies and solutions that support the global energy transition, including methane regulation and reduction, battery storage, power grids, and carbon capture and sequestration.

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Phone:  +1 (403) 209-3569

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