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Climate and Clean Air Conference 2024

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Date21–23 February 2024
Location: Nairob, Kenya
Organizer: Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC)
Industry Sector: Oil and Gas, Agriculture, Municipal Solid Waste
The Climate and Clean Air Conference 2024 will bring together the CCAC's 84 State Partners and 81 Non-State Partners to discuss the latest science and policy, share best practices, and develop a shared agenda in key emitting sectors like agriculture, waste, fossil fuels, household energy, heavy-duty vehicles and engines, and cooling. This event will move the dialogue forward, focusing on the cost of inaction, highlighting ways to further scale up implementation of the Global Methane Pledge, Clean Air Flagship and Kigali Amendment, and collectively charting the course to 2025 and beyond.

Visit the event website for more information: https://www.ccacoalition.org/events/climate-and-clean-air-conference-2024