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Coal Mines

Coal Mine Methane Subcommittee Meeting

List of Events

Date29–30 April 2008
Location: Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy
Industry Sector: Coal Mines
The Methane to Markets Coal Subcommittee Meeting was held on 29–30 April 2008. On Wednesday afternoon, there was an optional tour of a Carbosulcis SpA coal mining facility.

Agenda: View the Final Subcommittee Agenda (PDF, 3 pp, 62 KB).

Coal Subcommittee Minutes (PDF, 34 pp, 448 KB)
Report from the Administrative Support Group [ASG Update] (PDF, 16 pp, 445 KB)

Country–Specific Strategy Updates
Australia (PDF, 10 pp, 260 KB)
India (PDF, 20 pp, 692 KB)
Italy (PDF, 8 pp, 1.2 MB)
Mexico (PDF, 28 pp, 5.2 MB)
Nigeria (PDF, 11 pp, 206 KB)
Poland (PDF, 2 pp, 32 KB)
United States (PDF, 17 pp, 209 KB)

Coalmine Methane Update and IEA's Strategy and Activities (PDF, 10 pp, 191 KB)
Dr. Ming Yang, International Energy Agency (IEA)

The Power of VAM: Technology Application Update (PDF, 13 pp, 1.7 MB)
Richard Mattus, MEGTEC Systems

The Emissions Trading Market: Current State and Trends (PDF, 28 pp, 1.2 MB)
Marc Stuart, EcoSecurities Group plc

The Voluntary Emissions Reduction Market: A Developers' Perspective on Creating Profitable CMM Projects in the USA (PDF, 18 pp, 836 KB)
Ray Pilcher, Raven Ridge Resources Incorporated

An Italian Perspective Toward a Zero Emission Strategy (PDF, 22 pp, 510 KB)
Marcello Capra, Italian Ministry of Economic Development

Wrap-Up and Summary (PDF, 5 pp, 181 KB)