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Agriculture Subcommittee Meeting

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Date22 April 2008
Location: Morella, Michoacan, Mexico
Industry Sector: Agriculture
The Methane to Markets Agriculture Subcommittee Meeting was held on 22 April 2008 in conjunction with a two-day workshop entitled Overcoming the Barriers for the Implementation of Anaerobic Digestion in the Agricultural Sector (23-24 April 2008).

Hosted by: SEMARNAT

Meeting Minutes: View Meeting Minutes (PDF, 17 pp, 151 KB)

Subcommittee Meeting Agenda and Documents - English (PDF, 22 pp, 189 KB)
Selected Subcommittee Meeting Documents - Spanish (PDF, 22 pp, 57 KB)

Methane to Markets Administrative Support Group Update (PDF, 17 pp, 402 KB)

Country Profile Summaries:
Australia (PDF, 19 pp, 3.2 MB)
India (PDF, 24 pp, 402 KB)
Thailand (PDF, 19 pp, 863 KB)

Event Resources

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2008 Australia, India, Thailand
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