Methane leakages from biogas plant: How much and how can we reduce them?

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Date30 June 2021
Location: Virtual
Industry Sector: Biogas

Register for this webinar that will provide insights into the findings of a brand new methane emission report done by Rambøll, The Danish Energy Agency, et al. This webinar is part of the Biogas Go Global program that aims to increase global biogas growth through knowledge sharing and commercial exchange between the United States and Denmark.

Since 2012, biogas production has increased rapidly in Denmark. By 2023, 30% of the gas in the gas grid is expected to be renewable natural gas. With that positive development, efforts are being taken to measure and reduce methane slip from biogas plants to ensure high productivity, profitability, and sustainability.


    Welcome and market update on biogas developments in Denmark and U.S./Danish partnerships 
    Chris Voell - Danish North American Trade Council’s Waste, Recycling & Biogas Advisory (Washington, D.C.) and Claus Mortensen, Business Developer in Food & Bio Cluster Denmark - Denmark’s innovation cluster for bioresources

    Danish efforts to reduce methane emission from biogas plants: Results & Best Practices from new report done by The Danish Energy Agency, Rambøll et al.
    Anders Fredenslund, Senior Researcher and consultant, Private Consultant

    Methane emissions from different biogas upgrading technologies 
    Alexander Ryhl, Head of Sales in Ammongas

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