Municipal Solid Waste

Landfill Operations and Landfill Gas Workshop

List of Events

Date28–29 April 2009
Location: Medellin, Colombia
Industry Sector: Municipal Solid Waste
This workshop was co-organized by EPA and the Colombian Center for Cleaner Production as part of the cooperative agreement between the two to advance landfill gas energy in Colombia. The goal was to provide training on both optimal landfill operations & maintenance and landfill gas energy 101. Approximately 80 landfill technicians, project developers, and government officials attended the 2-day event, which included a site visit to La Pradera Landfill in Medellin.

For More Information:
• English (PDF, 1 pp, 68 KB)
• Español (PDF, 1 pp, 160 KB)

Event Presentations:
• U.S. and Colombia Landfill Gas Collaboration: Español (PDF, 10 pp, 412 KB)

• Landfills and Landfill Gas 101: Español (PDF, 25 pp, 780 KB)

• Landfill Operations - Working Face Management: Español (PDF, 91 pp, 4.7 MB)

• Landfill Operations - Fire, Health, & Safety: Español (PDF, 106 pp, 3.4 MB)

• Final Disposal of Solid Waste in Colombia: Español (PDF, 17 pp, 568 KB)

• Landfill Gas Projects - Applicable Regulations: Español (PDF, 25 pp, 456 KB)

• Regulatory Framework - Self-generation and co-generation in Colombia: Español (PDF, 14 pp, 192 KB)

• Sustainable Operations of Landfills in Medellin: Español (PDF, 62 pp, 15.4 MB)

• Pre-feasibility Studies for Villa Karina and El Tejar Landfills: Español (PDF, 59 pp, 660 KB)

• Landfill Gas Utilization Technologies: Español (PDF, 41 pp, 1.1 MB)