CGIAR webinar series on climate security - A Partnership Agenda for Climate Security

List of Events

Date1 October 2020
Location: Online
Industry Sector: Biogas

The 6th and final webinar of the CGIAR Climate Security webinar series will be held on 1 October 2020 from 15:15 to 16:15 UTC and will summarize discussions from previous webinars and pave the way for a partnership agenda for climate security. 

With increasing variability in our climate systems, the complex linkages between climate, food security and peace calls for a dynamic integration of diverse sources of knowledge capable of addressing the root causes behind emerging crises. This webinar takes stock of the past 5 webinars, aligning different narratives, assessing current institutional partnerships and charting the way ahead for an optimal multidisciplinary approach in peace-building and conflict prevention that accounts for climate shocks and stressors. How can these partnerships operate to deliver impact on the ground? Join this webinar to find out! 

The webinar will be held on 1 October 2020 from 15:15 to 16:15 UTC. 

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The webinar will be recorded as a live taping and will be available as podcast episodes on the Global Dispatches Podcast.