Oil and Gas

Oil & Gas Subcommittee Webinar: Seeing Methane, the Invisible Problem … Who is Using Which Number?

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Date23 June 2020
Location: Online
Organizer: Global Methane Initiative (GMI)
Industry Sector: Oil and Gas

We are pleased to announce that the Global Methane International (GMI) Oil & Gas Subcommittee is conducting a series of webinars to cover topics that were on the agenda for the Oil & Gas Subcommittee meeting at the Global Methane Forum 2020. Despite the postponement of the Forum, we remain committed to bringing together policymakers, industry leaders, technical experts, and researchers from around the world to discuss opportunities to address methane emissions in the oil and gas sector. 

The Oil & Gas Subcommittee held on a webinar on Tuesday, 23 June 2020 at 13:00 UTC. The webinar, “Seeing Methane, the Invisible Problem … Who is Using Which Number?” featured presentations from Stephane Germain, GHGSat, Bart Wauterickx, The Sniffers, and Matthew Johnson, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Energy & Emissions Research Lab., Carleton University. The webinar focused on methods for detecting and quantifying methane emissions.

The webinar presentation is now available. Please note that the presentation includes slides from Bart Wauterickx, Matthew Johnson, and the GMI Secretariat.