World Biogas eFestival: A Virtual Tour of the Global Biogas Industry

List of Events

Date18–21 May 2020
Location: Virtual
Organizer: World Biogas Association
Industry Sector: Biogas
Hosted by the World Biogas Association, the World Biogas eFestival is a unique series of online interactive presentations by an international line-up of eminent speakers sharing their expertise and facilitated networking to achieve the common goal of:
  • Highlighting the use of biogas worldwide,
  • Sharing best practices,
  • Discussing new innovations,
  • Understanding the barriers preventing growth and policy contexts,
  • Identifying potential solutions,
  • Addressing questions around technological challenges and opportunities
A preliminary program for the event is available here. 

Don’t miss GMI Biogas Co-Chair Jorge Hilbert’s presentation on Emerging Latin American Biogas Markets on Day 2, 19 May at 13:30 BST (08:00 CST).