GMI Steering Committee Meeting

List of Events

Date8 December 2017
Location: Mexico City, Mexico
Organizer: GMI
Industry Sector: Steering
The 9th meeting of the GMI Steering Committee was held on 8 December 2017 at the offices of the Secretariat of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT) in Mexico City, Mexico. The primary focus of the meeting was to review plans for the 2018 Global Methane Forum and discuss the Strategic Objectives for 2017-2018. Please note:  This event was open only to GMI Steering Committee members. A list of current Steering Committee members is available online.
  • Meeting Agenda (PDF, 2 pp., 22 KB)
  • Final Meeting Summary (PDF, 9 pp., 100 KB)

Discussion Papers:
  • 2018 Global Methane Forum Planning (PDF, 12 pp, 663 KB)
  • Strategic Planning - Update (PDF, 5 pp, 626 KB)
  • Mexico’s Action on Methane and Climate Change (PDF, 18 pp, 122 MB)
  • Canada’s Action on Methane and Climate Change (PDF, 11 pp, 897 KB)
  • ASG Update (PDF, 12 pp, 334 KB)