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GMI Steering Committee Meeting

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Date29 March 2016
Location: Washington, DC, United States
Industry Sector:
The 7th meeting of the GMI Steering Committee was held on 29 March 2016 at the Georgetown University Hotel and Convention Center in Washington, DC, USA. The primary focus of this meeting was to review and adopt a modified Terms of Reference (PDF, 5 pp, 40 KB) as well as a Partners Communiqué (PDF, 2 pp, 110 KB). Please note: This event was only open to GMI Steering Committee members. A list of current Steering Committee members is available online.


Statement of Meeting Goals/Objectives (PDF, 1 pp, 40 KB)

Meeting Agenda (PDF, 2 pp., 22 KB)

Final Meeting Summary (PDF, 9 pp., 100 KB)

Discussion Papers:

Joint GMI/CCAC Steering Committee Materials: