Oil and Gas

GMI Oil and Gas Subcommittee Meeting

List of Events

Date12 June 2017
Location: Calgary, Canada
Industry Sector: Oil and Gas
The GMI Oil and Gas Subcommittee Meeting was held on 12 June 2017, at the Harry Hays Building, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This meeting was held just prior to the Global Petroleum Show.

Agenda: Agenda (PDF, 177 KB, 2 pp)

Meeting Minutes: Final (PDF, 75 KB, 5 pp)

Organised by: Global Methane Initiative


  • Global Methane Initiative Administrative Support Group – Overview (PDF, 800 KB, 15 pp)
  • Oil & Gas Methane Emissions: Lessons from Scientific Studies (PDF, 4.2 MB, 24 pp)
    Steven Hamburg, Chief Scientist, Environmental Defense Fund
  • CCAC Oil & Gas Methane Partnership (PDF, 1 MB, 10 pp)
    Philip Swanson, Global Methane Initiative, GMI
  • Proposed Methane Regulations, A Significant Step in Addressing Climate Change in Canada (PDF, 1 MB, 9 pp)
    James Diamond, Environment and Climate Change, Upstream Oil & Gas
  • 2016 Ecopetrol progress to reduce methane emissions (PDF, 1.2 MB, 10 pp)
    Eduardo Sanchez-Sierra, Colombia Ministry of Mines and Energy, Environmental and Social Issues
  • Update of Methane capture in light of Oil & Gas production in Ghana (PDF, 1.3 MB, 26 pp)
    Joseph Essandoh-Yeddu, PhDAg. Director –Strategic Planning and Policy Energy Commission, Ghana
  • Mexico: Advances in Methane Mitigation Oil & Gas Sector (PDF, 1 MB, 11 pp)
    Paulina Serrano, Petróleos Mexicanos, Management of Environmental Protection, Energy and Sustainability
  • Methane Emissions Resulting from Upstream Petroleum Activities in Turkey (PDF, 2.2 MB, 10 pp)
    Emre Ozgur, Ph.D., GMI Member of Turkish Oil and Gas Subcommittee
  • GMI International Collaboration Efforts (PDF, 670 KB, 7 pp)
    Daniel Hooper, U.S. EPA
  • Aligning the Strategic Plan (PDF, 234 KB, 3 pp)
    Stephanie Janetos, Oil and Gas Subcommittee Co-Chair, Global Methane Initiative, GMI
  • Saudi Aramco Flaring Minimization Program (PDF, 4.5 MB, 27pp)
    Adel S. Al-Ghamdi, Saudi Aramco, Engineering