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GMI Steering Committee Meeting

List of Events

Date16–17 October 2014
Location: Montréal, QC, Canada
Industry Sector: Steering
The 3rd meeting of the GMI Steering Committee was hosted by Environment Canada at the Biosphere Environmental Museum in Montreal on 16-17 October 2014. The primary focus of this meeting was to discuss the future of the GMI and how we can most effectively allocate our collaborative efforts to reduce methane emissions globally, including how we can align and coordinate our efforts with the methane-related activities of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition.

Please note: This event was only open to GMI Steering Committee members. A list of current Steering Committee members is available online.


Meeting Summary (PDF, 1 p., 24 KB)

Final Meeting Minutes (PDF, 24 pp., 217 KB)

Meeting Outcomes and Consensus Document (PDF, 13 pp., 94 KB)

Discussion Paper: The Future of the Global Methane Initiative (PDF, 12 pp, 199 KB)

Statement of Meeting Goals/Objectives (PDF, 1 pp, 44 KB)

Adoption of Agenda (PDF, 2 pp, 40 KB)

Partner Country Statements

Overview of GMI Accomplishments and feedback on Steering Questionnaire (PDF, 16 pp, 770 KB)

Presentations on CCAC Methane Initiatives

Discussion on opportunities to be more effective and efficient

  1. Opportunities to closer align GMI efforts with similar CCAC efforts
  2. Opportunity to develop a bigger, bolder approach on reducing methane?
  3. Opportunities to streamline administrative / secretariat functions
  4. Other opportunities to streamline (e.g., combining "biogas" sector work where appropriate)

Brief Recap of Day One

Establish a Roadmap / Process for Moving Forward

  • Timeline (update from ASG on planned 2015 International Methane Forum) (PDF, 2 pp., 70 KB)
  • Invite Steering Committee Partners to join Task Force
  • Discuss process for input from GMI Partners more broadly
  • Develop list of "research agenda" and tasks
  • Discuss how to engage CCAC''s working group and Initiative leaders

Event Resources

Resource ImageResourceTagsYearCountry
CCACCCAC Oil and Gas Initiative: Oil and Gas Methane Partnership
(PDF, 166.2 KB, 8pp)
ClimateClimate and Clean Air Coalition Agriculture Initiative
(PDF, 91.5 KB, 7pp)
ClimateClimate and Clean Air Coalition Municipal Solid Waste Initiative
(PDF, 130.4 KB, 7pp)
DiscussionDiscussion Paper: The Future of the Global Methane Initiative
(PDF, 204 KB, 12pp)
GeneralGeneral Overview of CCAC
(PDF, 130.9 KB, 5pp)
InternationalInternational Methane Forum
(PDF, 71.5 KB, 2pp)
MeetingMeeting Outcomes and Consensus Document
(PDF, 95.9 KB, 13pp)
MeetingMeeting Summary (2014)
(PDF, 24 KB, 1p)
OverviewOverview of GMI Accomplishments and feedback on Steering Questionnaire
(PDF, 788.4 KB, 16pp)
PartnerPartner Country Statement (Argentina)
(PDF, 517 KB, 10pp)
PartnerPartner Country Statement (Australia)
(PDF, 62.8 KB, 6pp)
PartnerPartner Country Statement (Canada)
(PDF, 270.5 KB, 7pp)
PartnerPartner Country Statement (China)
(PDF, 381.9 KB, 17pp)
PartnerPartner Country Statement (Colombia)
(PDF, 51.9 KB, 5pp)
PartnerPartner Country Statement (Germany)
(PDF, 92.8 KB, 2pp)
PartnerPartner Country Statement (Mexico)
(PDF, 329.9 KB, 10pp)
PartnerPartner Country Statement (Poland)
(PDF, 455.2 KB, 16pp)
PartnerPartner Country Statement (USA)
(PDF, 222.5 KB, 7pp)
2014United States
StatementStatement of Meeting Goals/Objectives (2014)
(PDF, 41.8 KB, 1p)
TechnologyTechnology Demonstration Projects
(PDF, 46.5 KB, 4pp)
GMIGMI Steering Committee Meeting Agenda (October 2014)
(PDF, 40.1 KB, 2pp)
GMIGMI Steering Committee Meeting Minutes (October 2014)
(PDF, 223 KB, 24pp)