5th Multi-Stakeholder Platform Meeting

List of Events

Date7–10 October 2014
Location: Cali, Colombia
Industry Sector: Agriculture

Meeting objectives:

  1. Increase the shared understanding of the livestock sector's role in Global food security and health; Equity and growth; and Resources and climate;
  2. Find consensus on how to ensure the livestock sector concurrently addresses its key social, economic and environmental challenges;
  3. Identify the policies, institutions and incentives that catalyze the necessary livestock sector practice change; and
  4. Agree on action towards ensuring the necessary policy and operational coherence.

The fifth MSP will also discuss and agree on the Agenda's ways of working and governance options that best support the achievement of its objectives.

Agenda: (PDF) (3 pp, 128 kb)

Organized By: Global Agenda for Sustainable Livestock