Global Methane Initiative (GMI) Agriculture Subcommittee internet/telephone meeting

List of Events

Date24 September 2013
Location: Internet/telephone meeting
Industry Sector: Agriculture
Meeting time is 13:30 UCT (9:30 EST). The meeting will include updates from Partner Countries and a presentation of the final GMI-produced Successful Applications of Anaerobic Digestion from Across the World (PDF) (24 pp, 1.6 MB). In addition, we will discuss our upcoming subcommittee project to compile financial and policy information in order to promote anaerobic digestion in countries around the world.

Organized By: Global Methane Initiative (GMI) Administrative Support Group (ASG)

Agenda: View the agenda (PDF, 1 pp, 87 KB).

Minutes: View the minutes (PDF, 8 pp, 103 KB).

Presentation: View the presentation (PDF, 28 pp, 635 KB).

Audio Recording: If you were not able to participate, you may listen to the webinar (WMV, 69 MB).