Wastewater Subcommittee Meeting

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Date6 December 2012
Location: **Internet Meeting**, United States
Industry Sector: Wastewater
The Municipal Wastewater Subcommittee took place on Thursday, 6 December 2012. The meeting focused on preparation for the Methane Expo 2013 in Vancouver, Canada, including a discussion on technical and policy session topics and speakers and project opportunity and success story poster ideas; planning for the next subcommittee meeting to be held at the Expo; and ongoing subcommittee business (e.g., sector fact sheet). In addition, the meeting included an update from the GMI Administrative Support Group (ASG), and discussions concerning Methane Action Plan development.

Agenda: View the agenda (PDF, 1 pp, 36 KB).

Logistical Fact Sheet: View the fact sheet (PDF, 2 pp, 96 KB).

Minutes: View the minutes (PDF, 8 pp, 108 KB).

Presentation: View the presentation (PDF, 26 pp, 1.1 MB).

Audio Recording: If you were not able to participate, you may listen to the webinar (WMV, 90 min, 86 MB).

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ListenListen to the webinar (Wastewater, December 2012)
(Video, 88.5 MB)
LogisticalLogistical Information for the Municipal Wastewater Subcommittee Meeting
(PDF, 97.5 KB, 2pp)
WastewaterWastewater Subcommittee Meeting (December 2012)
(PDF, 1.1 MB, 26pp)
MunicipalMunicipal Wastewater Subcommittee Meeting Minutes (December 2012)
(PDF, 109.9 KB, 8pp)
WastewaterWastewater Subcommittee Meeting Agenda (December 2012)
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