Agriculture Subcommittee Meeting

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Date10 April 2012
Location: **Internet Meeting**, United States
Industry Sector: Agriculture
The Agriculture Subcommittee meeting took place on Tuesday, 10 April 2012 at 10:00 AM EDT. Topics included discussion of future activities, including the Methane Expo 2013 and upcoming Subcommittee meetings.

Minutes: Final Meeting Minutes (PDF, 8 pp., 83 KB)

Agenda: View the agenda (PDF, 1 pp., 132 KB)

Presentation: GMI Agriculture Meeting (PDF, 13 pp, 276 KB)

Audio Recording: If you were not able to participate, you may listen to the webinar (WMV, 1:33, 68 MB)

Event Resources

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ListenListen to the webinar (Agriculture, April 2012)
(Video, 70.1 MB)
GMIGMI Agriculture Meeting
(PDF, 282.3 KB, 13pp)
AgricultureAgriculture Subcommittee Meeting Agenda (April 2012)
(PDF, 134.6 KB, 1p)
AgricultureAgriculture Subcommittee Meeting Minutes (April 2012)
(PDF, 79.3 KB, 8pp)