BiogasWorld Trade Fair

List of Events

Date21–25 February 2012
Location: Berlin, Germany
Industry Sector: Agriculture
Within this trade fair the IBBK Fachgruppe Biogas organizes an international symposium on "Anaerobic Digestion of Biomass and Biowaste" on February 23 & 24, 2012.

The program includes among others:
• results from the EU-projects "4biomass" and "SEBE" (involved countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia)
• Practical examples from Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Russia, Belgium, USA
• different substrates like horse manure, pig manure, Jerusalem Artichoke, reeds, corn straw, grass, food leftovers, biowaste
• substrate treatment and process biology, increase of efficiency

Please find the detailed program and the registration form on our website: Exiting GMI

If you are interested in participating as an exhibitor, please also visit: Exiting GMI