Municipal Solid Waste

Serbia Landfill Biogas Workshop

List of Events

Date7 September 2011
Location: Novi Sad, Serbia
Industry Sector: Municipal Solid Waste
In an effort to advance their mission of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and encouraging the use of renewable energy in the Republic of Serbia, Global Methane Initiative (GMI) has partnered with the Serbia Ministry of Environment, Mining and Spatial Planning and the Faculty of Technical Sciences at the University of Novi Sad to host a Serbia Landfill Biogas Workshop.

Presentations cover GMI activities, Serbia's Methane Action Plan, current research on landfills being conducted at the University of Novi Sad, and technical and financial considerations for landfill biogas project development.

Agenda: View the Agenda (PDF, 1 pp, 29 KB)

• GMI Overview, Tom Frankiewicz (PDF, 12 pp, 267 KB)
• MOE Activities and Serbia Methane Action Plan - Dragana Mehandzic (PDF, 21 pp, 907 KB)
• FTS Activities and Research on Serbian Solid Waste (PDF, 14 pp, 945 KB)
• Landfill Biogas Project Considerations, Chad Leatherwood (PDF, 13 pp, 1.7 MB)
• Modeling Landfill Biogas Generation from Serbian Landfills, Dejan Ubavin (PDF, 15 pp, 825 KB)
• Serbian Feed-In Tariff, Slobodan Cvetkovic (PDF, 20 pp, 506 KB)
• Novi Sad Landfill Biogas Extraction Project Status, Nikola Maodus (PDF, 19 pp, 6.5 MB)
• Guidance to Municipalities for Issuing Landfill Biogas Tenders, Chad Leatherwood (PDF, 12 pp, 80 KB)
• European Bank for Reconstruction and Development - Western Balkans Fund, Ted LaFarge (PDF, 13 pp, 408 KB)