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GMI Landfill Gas Workshop - Chile

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Date1 July 2011
Location: Santiago de Chile, Chile
Industry Sector: Municipal Solid Waste
In cooperation with Ministry of Energy, U.S. EPA staff will be hosting a workshop for municipalities, project developers, and the biogas industry on the utilization of landfill gas and opportunities for methane recovery projects in Chile.

Note: Agenda and Proceedings are available in Spanish only

Workshop Agenda (PDF, 2 pp, 66 KB)
General Overview of the Global Methane Initiative, Tom Frankiewicz, USEPA (PDF, 13 pp, 849 KB)
Capture and Utilization of Landfill Gas, José Luis Davila, SCS Engineers (PDF, 38 pp, 1.4 MB)
Removing Barriers for LFG Energy Projects in Chile, Francisco J. Acuña, Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa Maria (PDF, 15 pp, 642 KB)
Electricity Generation at Loma Los Colorados I y II, Alejandro Keller Hirsch, KDM Energía S.A. (PDF, 50 pp, 4.8 MB)

Event Resources

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GMIGMI Landfill Gas Workshop - Chile Agenda
(PDF, 66.8 KB, 2pp)
Proceedings2011 Chile
RemovingRemoving Barriers for LFG Energy Projects in Chile (Spanish)
(PDF, 656.4 KB, 15pp)
2011 Chile