Coal Mines

Global Methane Initiative Side Event UNFCCC 16TH Conference of the Parties

List of Events

Date8 December 2010
Location: Cancun, Mexico
Industry Sector: Coal Mines, Oil and Gas, Steering, Agriculture, Municipal Solid Waste
This event highlighted the successes of GMI Partner Countries and Project Network Members. Featured countries include Mexico, Brazil, Canada, and the US. Project Network Members will discussed methane mitigation projects in Agriculture, Oil and Gas, Coal Mines, and Landfills.

Hosted by: SEMARNAT

Agenda: English (PDF, 20 pp, 149 KB) | Spanish (PDF, 2 pp, 184 KB)

• The Global Methane Initiative (PDF, 14 pp, 784 KB)

Partner Country Success Round Table

• Mexico (PDF, 11 pp, 540 KB)
• Brazil (PDF, 7 pp, 314 KB)
• United States (PDF, 11 pp, 1.6 MB)

Private Sector Involvement Round Table

• Oil and Gas – PEMEX Reduction of Fugitive Emissions (PDF, 11 pp, 150 KB)
• Coal Mine – Ventilation Air Methane (VAM) (PDF, 32 pp, 1.6 MB)
• Landfills – Cancun Biodigester Project (PDF, 12 pp, 423 KB)
• Agriculture – Mexican Biodigester Projects (PDF, 15 pp, 1.2 MB)

Event Resources

Resource ImageResourceYear
TheThe Global Methane Initiative
(PDF, 802.7 KB, 14pp)
AgricultureAgriculture – Mexican Biodigester Projects (Spanish)
(PDF, 1.3 MB, 15pp)
CoalCoal Mine – Ventilation Air Methane (VAM)
(PDF, 1.7 MB, 32pp)
LandfillsLandfills – Cancun Biodigester Project
(PDF, 432.9 KB, 12pp)
OilOil and Gas – PEMEX Reduction of Fugitive Emissions (Spanish)
(PDF, 153.2 KB, 11pp)
PartnerPartner Country Success Round Table (Mexico)
(PDF, 553 KB, 11pp)
SãoSão Paulo: Emissions of GHG - 2005
(PDF, 321.9 KB, 7pp)
USUS Support of the Global Methane Initiative
(PDF, 1.7 MB, 11pp)
GlobalTH Conference of the Parties Agenda/>Global Methane Initiative Side Event UNFCCC 16TH Conference of the Parties Agenda
(PDF, 28 KB, 20pp)
GMIGMI Steering Committee Meeting Agenda (December 2010, Spanish)
(PDF, 22.1 KB, 2pp)