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8th Steering Committee Meeting

List of Events

Date30 September 2010
Location: Presidente InterContinental Hotel, Mexico City, Mexico
Industry Sector: Steering
Eighth Session of the Methane to Markets Steering Committee

Agenda: Final Agenda (PDF, 2 pp, 17 KB)

Meeting Minutes: Now Available (PDF, 18 pp, 108 KB)

Background Papers:
Action Plans and Reporting (PDF, 4 pp, 28 KB)
Charge to Subcommittees (PDF, 4 pp, 28 KB)
Expo Outcomes (PDF, 11 pp, 68 KB)

Subcommittee Progress Reports:
Overview (PDF, 12 pp, 95 KB)
Agriculture (PDF, 10 pp, 101 KB)
Coal Mines (PDF, 18 pp, 117 KB)
Landfill (PDF, 15 pp, 108 KB)
Oil and Gas (PDF, 16 pp, 107 KB)

Statement of Meeting Goals (PDF, 1 p, 33 KB)
Action Plans and Reporting (PDF, 12 pp, 162 KB)
Charge to Subcommittees (PDF, 11 pp, 157 KB)
Expo Outcomes (PDF, 9 pp, 250 KB)
Meeting Outcomes (PDF, 12 pp, 137 KB)