Coal Mines

Methane to Markets Partnership Mongolia Coal Mine Methane (CMM) Project Development Workshop

List of Events

Date30–31 August 2010
Location: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Industry Sector: Coal Mines

Final Agenda (PDF, 2 pp, 144K)

Altanchimeg — CBM-law (PDF, 14 pp, 2.5MB)
Badarch — Prefeasibility Study of Nailakh Mine (PDF, 26 pp, 821K)
Bayarbaatar — Energy and Environment Project (PDF, 18 pp, 682K)
Pamela Franklin — Mongolia CMM policies (PDF, 21 pp, 940K)
Graeme Hancock — Financing CBM-CMM in Mongolia (PDF, 17 pp, 603K)
Raymond C Pilcher — CMM Resource Assessment (PDF, 35 pp, 2.9MB)
Jeff Schwoebel — Drilling and Design Considerations (PDF, 43 pp, 5.1MB)
Considerations Tumurbaatar — Coalification of Some Coal Basins of Mongolia (PDF, 23 pp, 999K)
Kai Vorholz — CMM End Uses (PDF, 31 pp, 1.3MB)

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