Municipal Solid Waste

8th National Congress ICLEI Mexico: LFG Workshop

List of Events

Date26–27 August 2010
Location: Cancun, Mexico
Industry Sector: Municipal Solid Waste
This workshop was co-organized by EPA and ICLEI Mexico. The goal was to provide training on both landfill gas energy 101 and project financing. Approximately 26 landfill technicians, project developers, and government officials attended the 2-day event, which included a site visit to the Norte Landfill in Cancun.

Event Summary: Summary (PDF, 1 p, 110K)

Event Presentations:
• Welcome: Victoria Ludwig, USEPA & Edgar Villaseñor, ICLEI México

• LFG Collection and Control Systems, and LFG Utilization (PDF, 39 pp, 1.7 MB) Español
Sandra Mazo-Nix, SCS Engineers

• Compliance with NOM-083 (PDF, 14 pp, 646K) Español
Ing. Myriam Gabriela Velasco, Pérez, SEMARNAT

• LFG Project, Cancun, México (PDF, 15 pp, 1.2 MB) Español
Jose Miguel Flores, Energreen

• Project Financing (PDF, 7 pp, 248K) Español
Jose Luis Davila, SCS Engineers

• Project Financing (PDF, 16 pp, 858K) Español
Gil Aranda, Espiritu Santo Bank

• Development of Tender Technical Documents (PDF, 18 pp, 686K) Español
Jose Luis Davila, SCS Engineers