Municipal Solid Waste

Landfill Gas Energy Workshop

List of Events

Date13 August 2009
Location: Armenia, Colombia
Industry Sector: Municipal Solid Waste
EPA organized this workshop as part of the "Ninth International Congress on Solid Waste Disposal and Environmental Perspectives," held each year in the city of Armenia, Colombia. The workshop's purpose was to provide training on landfill gas energy 101 and utilization options. Approximately 80 participants attended the workshop, among them federal, state, and local officials, public service waste companies, and project developers.

Event Summary:
• English (PDF, 1 pp, 136 KB)
• Español (PDF, 1 pp, 136 KB)

Event Presentations:
• Welcome and Introduction to Methane to Markets, Victoria Ludwig, U.S. EPA: Español (PDF, 18 pp, 422 KB)
• Landfill Gas 101, Ricardo Lopez Dulcey, Ambiental Biotech: Español (PDF, 36 pp, 1.3 MB)
• Landfill Gas Utilization Technologies, Chad Leatherwood, SCS Engineers: Español (PDF, 41 pp, 1.2 MB) | English (PDF, 41 pp, 872 KB)
• Applicable Regulations for Landfill Gas Collection and Control Projects in Colombia, Jorge Emilio Angel, CORANTIOQUIA: Español (PDF, 25 pp, 99 KB)
• La Pradera Landfill Gas Project, Erika Mazo, Antioquia University: Español (PDF, 23 pp, 5 MB)