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Coal Mines

Coal Subcommittee Meeting

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Date5 March 2010
Location: New Delhi, India
Industry Sector: Coal Mines
11th Session of the Methane to Markets Coal Subcommittee

Agenda: Final Agenda (PDF, 2 pp, 66 KB)

Meeting Minutes: Final Meeting Minutes (PDF, 15 pp, 195 KB)

Charge to Subcommittees (PDF, 6 pp, 53 KB)
India Country Update (PDF, 14 pp, 858 KB)
Poland Country Update (PDF, 12 pp, 109 KB)
United States Country Update (PDF, 14 pp, 156 KB)

Event Resources

Resource ImageResourceTagsYearCountry
ActivitiesActivities on Development of CBM/CMM In India (2010)
(PDF, 778.6 KB, 14pp)
2010 India, Poland, United States
CountryCountry Specific Statement (Poland, 2010)
(PDF, 81.2 KB, 12pp)
2010 India, Poland, United States
UnitedUnited States Country Update (Coal, March 2010)
(PDF, 221.8 KB, 14pp)
2010 India, Poland, United States