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Municipal Solid Waste

Landfill Subcommittee Meeting

List of Events

Date12 May 2006
Location: Cologne, Germany
Industry Sector: Municipal Solid Waste
The Methane to Markets Landfill Subcommittee meeting was held on 12 May 2006 in conjunction with CarbonExpo Exiting GMI the Global Carbon Market Fair and Conference (10-12 May 2006).

Agenda: View the agenda (PDF, 2 pp, 170 KB).

Welcome Memorandum:(PDF, 1 pp, 19 KB)
Dr. Atilio Savino, Co-Chair, Methane to Markets Landfill Subcommittee,
Secretary of Environment and Sustainable Development of Argentina
Meeting Goals (PDF, 10 pp, 292 KB)
ASG Update (PDF, 22 pp, 415 KB)

Country Profiles:
Argentina (PDF, 9 pp, 1.9 MB)
Australia (PDF, 6 pp, 85 KB)
Brazil (PDF, 14 pp, 519 KB)
Ecuador (PDF, 7 pp, 393 KB)
Korea (PDF, 9 pp, 340 KB)
United Kingdom (PDF, 8 pp, 302 KB)
Ukraine (PDF, 13 pp, 396 KB)
United States (PDF, 7 pp, 114 KB)

Event Resources

Resource ImageResourceTagsYearCountry
BrazilBrazil Country Profile on Biogas Recovery (First Draft)
(PDF, 531.2 KB, 14pp)
CountryCountry Profile (Argentina, May 2006)
(PDF, 2 MB, 9pp)
CountryCountry Profile (Australia, 2006)
(PDF, 86.5 KB, 6pp)
CountryCountry Profile (Ecuador, 2006)
(PDF, 401.7 KB, 7pp)
CountryCountry Profile (Ukraine, 2006)
(PDF, 405.5 KB, 13pp)
CountryCountry Profile (United Kingdom, 2006)
(PDF, 309.1 KB, 8pp)
2006United Kingdom
CountryCountry Profile (United States, Landfill Subcommittee, May 2006)
(PDF, 115.8 KB, 7pp)
2006United States
Korea’sKorea’s Landfill Gas Experience: Lessons Learned and Opportunities for M2M
(PDF, 347.4 KB, 9pp)
2006Republic of Korea
MeetingMeeting Goals
(PDF, 298.7 KB, 10pp)
Public-PrivatePublic-Private Partnership to Advance the Recovery and Use of Methane as a Clean Energy Source
(PDF, 424 KB, 22pp)
WelcomeWelcome Memorandum: Regular Meeting of the Methane-to-Markets Landfill Subcommittee, May 12, 2006, Cologne, Germany
(PDF, 19.2 KB, 1p)
AgendaAgenda for the Landfill Sucommittee Meeting (May 2006)
(PDF, 264.5 KB, 2pp)