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Oil and Gas Subcommittee Meeting

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Date27 April 2006
Location: Camino Real Hotel, Villahermosa, Mexico
Industry Sector: Oil and Gas
The Methane to Markets Oil and Gas Subcommittee meeting was held on 27 April 2006 in conjunction with the Oil and Gas Technology Transfer Workshop (25-26 April 2006).

Hosted by: Pemex

Agenda: View the agenda (PDF, 2 pp, 139KB)

Methane to Markets Partnership Update and Review of Meeting Goals (PDF, 2 pp, 139 KB)

Presentation of Country Goals (short- medium- and long-term):
India (PDF, 9 pp, 303 KB)
Italy (PDF, 3 pp, 31 KB)
• Mexico: Part 1 (PDF, 2 pp, 29 KB) & Part 2 (PDF, 6 pp, 93 KB)
United Kingdom (PDF, 6 pp, 61 KB)
United States (PDF, 6 pp, 79 KB)
PEMEX Presentation (PDF, 10 pp, 821 KB)

Event Resources

Resource ImageResourceTagsYearCountry
CountryCountry Goals (Mexico: Part 1)
(PDF, 29.4 KB, 2pp)
CountryCountry Goals (Mexico: Part 2)
(PDF, 94.8 KB, 6pp)
CountryCountry Goals (United Kingdom)
(PDF, 62.4 KB, 6pp)
2006United Kingdom
CountryCountry Goals (United States)
(PDF, 79.9 KB, 6pp)
2006United States
IndiaIndia Oil & Natural Gas Profile
(PDF, 309.9 KB, 9pp)
Italy'sItaly's Goal in Methane Emissions
(PDF, 31.1 KB, 3pp)
MethaneMethane to Markets Partnership Update and Review of Meeting Goals
(PDF, 72.8 KB, 2pp)
PemexPemex - Clean development projects in exploration and production
(PDF, 840.4 KB, 10pp)
OilOil and Gas Subcommittee Meeting Agenda (2006)
(PDF, 142.8 KB, 2pp)