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Coal Mines

Coal Technology Transfer Workshop

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Date27–29 January 2009
Location: Monterrey, Mexico
Industry Sector: Coal Mines

Coalbed Methane Regulation (PDF, 12 pp, 113 KB)
Oscar Roldán Flores, Deputy Director for Exploration and Production, Secretariat of Energy
Coalbed Methane Potential of Mexico (PDF, 11 pp, 377 KB)
Alejandro Alarcón Garza, General Director of Mining Promotion, Economy Secretariat
Methane to Markets in Mexico (PDF, 12 pp, 694 KB)
Olga Briseño Senosiain, Director for Mining, Secretariat of the Environment and Natural Resources

Opportunity for Coal Mine Methane Projects in Coahuila State (PDF, 21 pp, 1.5 MB)
Jorge Alanís Canales, Coahuila State Secretary for Economic Promotion
Experiences and Plans for CMM Project at Mexican Coal Mines (PDF, 11 pp, 319 KB)
Lorenzo Gonzalez Merla, Manager, Environmental Affairs, Minerales Monclova (MIMOSA)
Coal Mine Methane Drainage Strategies for the Sabinas Coal Basin (PDF, 26 pp, 3.5 MB)
Jeff Schwoebel, Resource Enterprises Inc.
Case Study: Feasibility Study of LNG and Power Generation at Songzao Coal Mines, Chongqing, China (PDF, 43 pp, 6.5 MB)
Ray Pilcher, Raven Ridge Resources
Case Study: Long-Term Abandoned Mine Methane Recovery Operation in the United States (PDF, 33 pp, 2.7 MB)
Ronald Collings, Ruby Canyon Engineering
Mitigation of Ventilation Air Methane and Generation of Carbon Credits: Case Study in the United States (PDF, 28 pp, 2.4 MB)
Nicolas Duplessis, Biothermica