Oil and Gas

Oil and Natural Gas Subcommittee Meeting

List of Events

Date27–29 January 2009
Location: Monterrey, Mexico
Industry Sector: Oil and Gas

Final Meeting Minutes (PDF, 11 pp, 76 KB)

Chairman Javier Bocanegra (Mexico), and Vice Chairman Michael Layer (Canada)
• Brief Introduction of Meeting Participants
• Review of Meeting Goals
• Adoption of Agenda

Country Updates
• India (PDF, 10 pp, 78 KB)

Oil and Gas Sector Methane Emissions Reduction Project Case Studies
• Mr. AK Hazarika, Oil and Natural Gas Company of India (PDF, 25 pp, 592 KB)

Methane to Markets Partnership-wide Accomplishments Report
• Background
• Report Development Process and Status
• Timeline

2010 Partnership Expo in India
• Goals of the 2010 Partnership Expo
• Discussion of Beijing Expo Lessons Learned
• Discussion of overall India Expo oil and gas program
• Targets for country-specific participation at 2010 Expo in India
• Proposed 2009 work plan for encouraging participation of targeted companies and highlighting targeted projects

Administrative Issues
Subcommittee Chairs
• Next meeting
• Communications mechanisms (i.e., what works best?)
• Updates to Subcommittee rosters

Summary of Action Items Discussed at this Meeting
• Meeting action items
• Specific India Expo tasks that delegates agree to accomplish and report on at the next meeting-Open discussion on how delegates will prepare for the Expo and what they will be doing between now and the next Subcommittee meeting (Fall 2009)
• Discussion of possible agenda topics for the next Subcommittee meeting

Event Resources

Resource ImageResourceYear
CountryCountry Update (India, 2009)
(PDF, 79.8 KB, 10pp)
Mr.Mr. AK Hazarika, Oil and Natural Gas Company of India
(PDF, 606.1 KB, 25pp)
OilOil and Natural Gas Subcommittee Meeting Minutes
(PDF, 77.4 KB, 11pp)