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Coal Mines

Coal Subcommittee Meeting

List of Events

Date27–29 January 2009
Location: Monterrey, Mexico
Industry Sector: Coal Mines

Final Meeting Minutes (PDF, 13 pp, 268 KB)

Co-Chair Pamela Franklin (USA) and Acting Vice-Chair Zhao Guoquan (China)

• Brief Introduction of Meeting Participants
• Review of Meeting Goals / Brief Re-cap of April 2008 Meeting
• Adoption of Agenda

2010 Partnership Expo
ASG, Co-Chairs, Vice Chair

• Updates on projects showcased in Beijing at 2007 Expo
• Goals of 2010 Partnership Expo
• Discussion of draft technical program
• Discussion of technologies, case studies, and project opportunities to showcase
• Discussion of strategy for outreach: Target companies and individuals of interest that the Subcommittee should reach out to

Country Updates
Australia (PDF, 8 pp, 127 KB)
China (PDF, 17 pp, 218 KB)
Germany (PDF, 1 pp, 30 KB)
Mongolia (PDF, 23 pp, 2 MB)
Poland (PDF, 15 pp, 90 KB)
Ukraine (PDF, 9 pp, 152 KB)
United States (PDF, 21 pp, 109 KB)

Updates from Project Network on Partnership Activities
UNECE Best Practices Guidance Document on Methane Capture and Use to Improve Mine Safety (PDF, 11 pp, 314 KB)
Ray Pilcher, Raven Ridge Resources
Non Conventional Gas High Monetization Technology (PDF, 14 pp, 590 KB)
Jeff Rault, CleanMetFuel

Subcommittee Action Items for 2009
Subcommittee Chairs
• Next meeting - proposals for possible dates, locations
• Plan of action for coming year
• Prepare for 2010 Expo
• Implement country strategies
• Contribute to M2M Accomplishments report

Event Resources

Resource ImageResourceYear
CountryCountry Update (Australia, 2009)
(PDF, 129.9 KB, 8pp)
CountryCountry Update (China, 2009)
(PDF, 222.3 KB, 17pp)
CountryCountry Update (Germany, 2009)
(PDF, 29.8 KB, 1p)
CountryCountry Update (Mongolia, 2009)
(PDF, 2 MB, 23pp)
CountryCountry Update (Poland, 2009)
(PDF, 91.4 KB, 15pp)
CountryCountry Update (Ukraine, 2009)
(PDF, 155.4 KB, 9pp)
CountryCountry Update (United States, Coal, 2009)
(PDF, 111.2 KB, 21pp)
NonNon Conventional Gas High Monetization Technology
(PDF, 604.9 KB, 14pp)
UNECEUNECE Best Practices Guidance Document on Methane Capture and Use to Improve Mine Safety
(PDF, 322.2 KB, 11pp)
CoalCoal Subcommittee Meeting Minutes (January 2009)
(PDF, 273.7 KB, 13pp)