Agriculture Subcommittee Meeting

List of Events

Date27–29 January 2009
Location: Monterrey, Mexico
Industry Sector: Agriculture

• Final Meeting Minutes (PDF, 21 pp, 137 KB)
• Welcome
Agriculture Subcommittee Co-Chairs Jeremy Eppel (U.K.) and Jorge Hilbert (Argentina)
> Brief Introduction of Meeting Participants
> Review Minutes from the May 2008 Subcommittee Meeting
> Review of Meeting Goals, and Adoption of Agenda

• Country Updates
> Argentina (PDF, 16 pp, 2.3 MB)
> Canada (PDF, 1 pp, 14 KB)
> Mexico (PDF, 9 pp, 147 KB)
> Philippines (PDF, 9 pp, 510 KB)
> Thailand (PDF, 34 pp, 781 KB)
> United Kingdom (PDF, 9 pp, 36 KB)
> Vietnam (PDF, 19 pp, 769 KB)

• Agricultural Sources of Methane Beyond Manure: Enteric Fermentation, Rice Cultivation (PDF, 22 pp, 140 KB)
Subcommittee Co-Chairs/Administrative Support Group (ASG)
> Discussion of ASG research
> Review of Steering Committee decision

• International Protocol for Anaerobic Digestion (PDF, 14 pp, 100 KB)
> Short presentation and overview of the purpose of the Protocol
> Status of Protocol Development
> Discussion of proposed international protocol and next steps

• Anaerobic Digestion Systems Leakage Rate Methodology Improvement (PDF, 10 pp, 92 KB)

• Partnership Expo Discussion
> Goals of Partnership Expo
> Discussion of what worked and what did not for Agriculture sector at Beijing Expo
> Target companies and individuals of interest that the Subcommittee should reach out to
> Discussion of draft technical program
> Discussion of technologies and projects to showcase

• Administrative Issues
Subcommittee Co-Chairs
> Next meeting
> Updates to Subcommittee rosters

• Summary of Action Items Discussed at this Meeting
> Meeting action items
> Specific tasks that meeting participants agree to accomplish and report on at the next meeting
> Discussion of possible agenda topics for the next Subcommittee meeting

Event Resources

Resource ImageResourceYear
AgriculturalAgricultural Sources of Methane Beyond Manure: Enteric Fermentation, Rice Cultivation
(PDF, 143.9 KB, 22pp)
AnaerobicAnaerobic Digestion Systems Leakage Rate Methodology Improvement
(PDF, 94.1 KB, 10pp)
CountryCountry Update (Argentina, 2009)
(PDF, 2.3 MB, 16pp)
CountryCountry Update (Canada, 2009)
(PDF, 13.9 KB, 1p)
CountryCountry Update (Mexico, Agriculture, 2009)
(PDF, 149.7 KB, 9pp)
CountryCountry Update (Philippines, 2009)
(PDF, 522.1 KB, 9pp)
CountryCountry Update (Thailand, 2009)
(PDF, 799.5 KB, 34pp)
CountryCountry Update (United Kingdom, 2009)
(PDF, 36.9 KB, 9pp)
CountryCountry Update (Vietnam)
(PDF, 786.7 KB, 19pp)
InternationalInternational Protocol for Anaerobic Digestion
(PDF, 101.9 KB, 14pp)
AgricultureAgriculture Subcommittee Meeting Minutes (January 2009)
(PDF, 140.3 KB, 21pp)

Global Methane Initiative (GMI)
Building global relationships and capacity to act on methane