WIREC Side Event - Methane to Markets Partnership: International Opportunities in Renewable Energy Projects in Landfills and Manure Waste Management

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Date4 March 2008
Location: Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC, United States
Industry Sector: Agriculture, Municipal Solid Waste
This side event was a panel discussion providing a brief overview of the Methane to Markets Partnership along with information about opportunities for landfill gas projects and manure waste management projects in Methane to Markets Partner countries internationally. Speakers provided information on initiatives to promote projects, practical and technical information to assist project developers, and project case studies.

Hosted By: Methane to Markets and Government of Ecuador


• Welcome from the Moderator and introduction of Panelists (PDF, 473KB)
Dina Kruger, Director, Climate Change Division, U.S. EPA

• U.S. EPA’s International and Domestic work in the Landfill and Agriculture Sectors
Paul Gunning, U.S. EPA’s non-CO2 Programs

• Opportunities in Landfill Gas Projects Internationally (PDF, 592KB)
W. Gregory Vogt , Managing Director, International Solid Waste Association (ISWA)

• Italy’s participation in the Methane to Markets Partnership and activities in the Landfill Sector (PDF, 425KB)
Francesco Presicce, Italy’s Ministry of Environment

• Landfill Gas Emission Reduction Purchase Agreements (ERPAs) in China (PDF, 471KB)
Charles Peterson, Solid Waste Carbon Finance Specialist, Urban Development Unit, World Bank

• Mexico’s program to promote anaerobic digesters in pig and dairy farms (PDF, 856KB)
Miguel Franco, PA Consulting