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Municipal Solid Waste

Landfill Subcommittee Meeting

List of Events

Date18 June 2008
Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Industry Sector: Municipal Solid Waste

Hosted by: Government of Argentina

Agenda: View draft agenda and additional papers (PDF, 15 pp, 120KB)

Co–located with: This meeting was held in conjunction with the International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) Beacon Conference on Sanitary Landfills. Additional information about the ISWA Beacon Conference can be found at: http://www.servicios-publicos. Exiting GMI

Draft Meeting Minutes (PDF, 18 pp, 118 KB)
Report from Administrative Support Group (PDF, 15 pp, 659 KB)

Country–Specific Strategies for Promoting Landfill Gas Projects
Brazil (PDF, 16 pp, 1.7 MB)
Canada (PDF, 12 pp, 173 KB)
Ecuador (PDF, 24 pp, 3 MB)
United States Summary (PDF, 6 pp, 506 KB)
United States Detailed (PDF, 13 pp, 243 KB)
Review of Landfill Subcommittee Action Plan (PDF, 8 pp, 451 KB)
Discussion: Increasing Project Network Involvement (PDF, 6 pp, 442 KB)
Updates on the International Landfill Database (PDF, 9 pp, 773 KB)