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Tell us how you’re reducing methane emissions

Oil and Gas Sector Project Archive

The GMI strives to build capacity and overcome barriers to methane reduction projects around the world. To this end, GMI has implemented a methane-related site and activity database that catalogues potential sector-specific sites for projects as well as sites with active projects and past activities of the Initiative that have assisted in information sharing and accelerated international methane project development.

This Oil and Gas Sector project archive includes sites, active methane projects, studies, technical assistance documents, outreach events, trainings, workshops, and meetings.

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Last Update Date Project Name Sector Geographic Focus Project Stage
02/03/20102009 EPA M2M Grant: Methane Recovery in the Russian Gas Sector: Capitalizing on Economic and Environmental BenefitsOil & Gasidea
01/03/2010Pre-Feasibility/Measurement Studies at Empresa Nacional del Petróleo de Chile (ENAP)Oil & GasChileidea
01/03/2010Emissions Reduction Opportunity Assessment by China National Petroleum CorporationOil & GasChinacontinuous
26/03/2010Arresting Tank Hydrocarbon Emissions from ONGC's Uran PlantOil & GasIndiaplanned
26/03/2010Installation of Screw Compressors at ONGC's Heera and Neelam Offshore PlatformsOil & GasIndiaplanned
01/03/2010Substitution of Wet Seals with Dry Seals in Gas Compressors at PEMEX Gas Processing FacilitiesOil & GasMexicoplanned
01/03/2010Results of Measurement Campaign at PEMEX Cunduacan Gas Compressor StationsOil & GasMexicoplanned
01/03/2010Results of Measurement Campaign at PEMEX Poza Rica Gas Processing CenterOil & GasMexicoplanned
01/03/2010Compressor Seal Conversions at GazpromOil & GasRussiacontinuous
01/03/2010Directed Inspection and Maintenance and Valve Seal Upgrades at CherkasytransgasOil & GasUkrainecontinuous
06/03/2010Blair Air SystemOil & GasCanadacompleted
06/03/2010ON TIMEOil & GasCanadacompleted
06/03/2010Validation of Infrared Videoimaging Technique for Emissions Monitoring at ENI S.p.A.Oil & GasItalycompleted
24/02/2010Brazil Oil & Gas: Methane Emission Reduction Tool Development and TestingOil & GasBrazilOngoing
24/02/2010Brazil Methane Emission Reduction Project Identification (#2)Oil & GasBrazilOngoing
24/02/2010Argentina Oil & Gas Methane Emission Reduction Project IdentificationOil & GasArgentinaOngoing
24/02/2010Calgary, Alberta, Canada - CETAC West Technology Transfer WorkshopOil & GasCanadaOngoing
24/02/2010Guangzhou, China - APEC Natural Gas Utilization WorkshopOil & GasChinaOngoing
24/02/2010China - Methane Emission Reduction Project Identification #1Oil & GasChinaOngoing
24/02/2010China - Establishment of U.S China Natural Gas Institute TAOil & GasChinaOngoing
06/03/2010China - Methane Emission Reduction Project Identification #2Oil & GasChinaidea
24/02/2010Colombia - Project IdentificationOil & GasColombiaOngoing
24/02/2010Ecuador - Methane Emission Reduction Project IdentificationOil & GasEcuadorOngoing
24/02/2010India - Technology Transfer WorkshopOil & GasIndiaOngoing
24/02/2010India - Project Identification #1Oil & GasIndiaOngoing
24/02/2010Mexico - Methane Emission Reduction Project IdentificationOil & GasMexicoOngoing
24/02/2010Russia - Methane Emission Reduction Project IdentificationOil & GasRussiaOngoing
24/02/2010Ukraine - Methane Emission Reduction Project IdentificationOil & GasUkraineOngoing
06/03/20102006 M2M Grant: Extension of the Process Optimization Review to Include Methane to Markets Partners Oil & GasBrazilidea
18/06/2010Alaska LNG Land Bridge - 333 Oil & GasPartnership wideidea
06/03/20102008 EPA M2M GRANT: Activities that Advance Methane Recovery and Use as a Clean Energy Source in the Oil and Gas Industry in EcuadorOil & GasEcuadoridea
06/03/20102008 EPA M2M GRANT: Methane Emissions and Leak Detection in the Chinese Oil and Natural Gas SystemOil & GasChinaidea

About this Archive

The information provided in the database comes primarily from U.S.-supported, GMI-related activities and voluntary submittal from Partners and Project Network members. The information is updated periodically, and can change. It does not represent all methane-related sites and activities in the world, and GMI cannot guarantee the validity of the data.

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