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Shipman Agricultural Productions, LLC

Type of Organization
Financial Institution
Description of Services

I am a Southern Iowa farmer who is looking to diversify my farm. I am interested in processing biogas from the hog farms around Southern Iowa and Northern Missouri. The hog farms are a vital part of our farming community but many locals feel that the growing number of these hog farms are jepeordizing other aspects that our community, in whole, could offer. My goal is to work with the owner/opererators of these farms and create a cleaner, more "community friendly" method of waste disposal, all while, manufacturing Methane that can be used for fuel in cars, homes, farms, and even to produce electricity. I come to you seeking both guidance and inspiration. I live in one of the poorest communities in Iowa, Appanoose, but I have lived here all my life, so you can imagine the obligation i feel towards bettering my communities way of life. I would appreciate any information that I can receive and am willing to do my part, as well. Thank you for your time.

Sector(s) of Interest
Agriculture; MSW; Other
Area(s) of Geographic Interest
United States
Shipman, Jason
Phone: (641) 436-0210

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