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Environmental Products & Technologies Corporation (EP&T)

Type of Organization
Private Sector
Description of Services

Environmental Products & Technologies Corporation (EPTC) turns waste into resources. The company is a diversified agribusiness company. EPTC gas developed a Closed-loop Organics Management System for livestock/poultry operations and food processors. The system separates the various components of the waste stream into beneficial, second-use products. Solids and liquids are separated, processing the solids into an extant-pathogen -free; nutrient-rich soil amendment, in three days or less using a patented process. Methane and other gases are generated from an Induced Blanket Reactor with an HRT of 6 days to provide fuel to power a diesel engine and run a co-generation system providing electricity for the facility and selling any surplus power back to the local utility grid. Wastewater is processed through a propriety treatment process that allows the water to be employed for recycle/reuse purposes.

Sector(s) of Interest
Area(s) of Geographic Interest
United States
Web Site
Mears, Marvin
Phone: (805) 492-6865

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