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WES Tech Inc.

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Type of Organization: Private Sector
Description of Services:

We are an environmental company that has designed and developed a technology that can provide a permanent and 100% pollution free solution to Animal and other organic waste problem and can help reduce global warming. It is fully intergated and self-contained, we will extract methane gas from organic waste and process it into renewable energy such as natural gas and electricity, and convert organic sludge into marketable organic product like organic fertilizer that can jumstart large scale organic farming, etc. The technology is patented under US Patent 6,569,331 The project is very maeninful and profitable. We are qualified as Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) under Kyoto Protocol Agreement. We need investors or financial assistance to jumstart commecialization of the tecnology on a worldwide scale.

Sector(s) of Interest: Agriculture
Area(s) of Geographic Interest: South America; Colombia
Web Site:
Contacts: Raeyes, Rodney
Phone: (909) 851-7800