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Gas, LNG & The Future of Energy 2024

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Date22–23 October 2024
Location: London, United Kingdom
Organizer: Wood Mackenzie
Contact: Laurence Allen
Industry Sector: Oil and Gas
At the second annual Wood Mackenzie Gas, liquified natural gas (LNG) & The Future of Energy Conference, attendees will gain insights into the current state of the gas and LNG industry, including the key market trends and uncertainties across Europe, the United States, Asia, and the Middle East, and the challenges posed by geopolitics, financial barriers, and cost inflation. Additionally, attendees will explore the industry's role in the energy transition towards net-zero emissions, examining how advanced and emerging economies utilize gas and LNG, and how the supply chain is being decarbonized through technological innovations.

Visit the event website for more information: https://www.woodmac.com/events/gas-lng-future-energy/