Oil and Gas

2024 Methane Mitigation Europe Summit

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Date12–14 February 2024
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Organizer: Industrial Decarbonization Network
Industry Sector: Oil and Gas
This summit will tackle the challenge of reducing methane emissions within the context of new energy geopolitics and affordability. In this context, oil and gas operators need to implement best practices to identify, monitor, measure, and eliminate methane emissions, introduce emissions reduction into operational planning, and build a culture of methane mitigation; all while meeting global needs. This summit will gather industry peers to learn skills such as streamlining company-level measurement and reporting of methane emissions data, how to leverage advancements in technology, and to understand what emission technology solutions are right for participants organizations.

Visit the event website for more information: https://www.industrialdecarbonizationnetwork.com/events-methane-mitigation-europe