Coal Mines

Global Methane Initiative (GMI) Coal Subcommittee Meeting and Coal Mine Methane Workshop

List of Events

Date3–4 June 2015
Location: Bogotá, Colombia, Colombia
Organizer: Global Methane Initiative (GMI), Colombia Ministry of Mines and Energy, the National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH) of Colombia, and the National Mining Agency of Colombia
Contact: Monica Shimamura, Felicia Ruiz,
Industry Sector: Coal Mines
The GMI Coal Subcommittee meeting was held on 3 June 2015, followed by a Coal Mine Methane (CMM) Technical Seminar on 4 June 2015, sponsored by the Ministry of Mines and Energy, the National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH) of Colombia, and the National Mining Agency of Colombia. The GMI Coal Subcommittee Meeting included updates from GMI Partner Countries as well as discussions and updates on the GMI transition post 2015. The GMI workshop included technical sessions on coal mine methane (CMM) project development, policy and ownership issues, and assessment and development of CMM resources – international case studies. The technical experts also participated in a CMM panel discussion.

  • Global Methane Initiative 21st Coal Subcommittee Meeting Proceedings
  • Global Methane Initiative 21st Coal Subcommittee Meeting Minutes (PDF) (5 pp, 127K)
  • Coal Mine Methane and Coalbed Methane Technical Workshop Proceedings

Welcome Addresses
Co-Chair Felicia Ruiz (United States), Co-Chair Huang Shengchu (China), and Co-Chair A. K. Debnath (India)

  • Brief introductions of all meeting participants
  • Adoption of agenda

Update from Administrative Support Group (ASG) and GMI Transition Task Force (PDF) (10 pp, 587K)
Monica Shimamura, ASG

  • 2016 International Methane Forum
    • Call for abstracts
    • Potential co-location of meetings with other organizations
  • Future of GMI: Report out on Transition Task Force discussions

Group Discussion on GMI Transition

Partner Country Updates
Partner Country delegates

  • Brief updates from Partner Country delegates regarding any new or planned activities in-country or in other Partner Countries
  • China (PDF) (15 pp, 394K)
  • Colombia (PDF) (7 pp, 137K)
  • India (PDF) (19 pp, 498K)
  • Poland (PDF) (28 pp, 764K)
  • United States (PDF) (10 pp, 180K)

Project Network Updates

  • Brief updates from Project Network members regarding any new or planned activities or projects in Partner Countries

Subcommittee Affairs (PDF) (13 pp, 815K)
Co-Chairs and Subcommittee

  • Coal Subcommittee Statement of Purpose and Action Plan
  • Updated Subcommittee Tools and Resources
  • Planning for Coal technical/policy sessions at the International Methane Forum

Concluding Remarks, Action Items and Adjournment
Subcommittee Co-Chairs

Opening Ceremony

Welcome Addresses

  • Tomás González, Ministry of Mines and Energy
  • Natalia Gutierrez, National Mining Agency
  • Mauricio De La Mora, National Hydrocarbons Agency (ANH)
  • Felicia A. Ruiz, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Introductory Concepts

Introduction to Unconventional Gas Development: Coalbed Methane (CBM) and Coal Mine Methane (CMM) (PDF) (72 pp, 11MB)
Roger Tyler, the ARC Group

Coalbed Methane Resources in Colombia (PDF) (31 pp, 3.6MB)
Dr. William Garzón, Technical Vice President, ANH

Policy and Ownership Issues

Regulatory Developments and Ownership Issues Impacting Future CMM Recovery and Utilization Projects in Colombia (PDF) (31 pp, 2.9MB)
Alberto Garcia, Vice President Oil & Gas, Drummond Ltd. Colombia

CMM Ownership and Issues: A Global Overview (PDF) (16 pp, 324K)
Meredydd Evans, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Open Discussion on CMM/CBM Policy and Ownership Issues

CMM Project Development

CMM Resource Assessments and their Impact on Project Development (PDF) (48 pp, 2.6MB)
Raymond C. Pilcher, Raven Ridge Resources

Best Practices for Gas Drainage in Underground and Surface Mines (PDF) (27 pp, 4MB)
Jonathan Kelafant, Advanced Resources International

Best Practices for CMM Utilization – End Use Options (PDF) (17 pp, 765K)
Clark Talkington, Advanced Resources International

CMM Project Development: International Experiences and the Path Forward in Colombia

The Path Forward for CBM/CMM Development in Colombia
Introductory presentations on international experiences, followed by a roundtable discussion featuring public and private sector stakeholders involved in the Colombian CMM and CBM markets

Concluding Remarks and Adjournment