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Agriculture Technology Transfer Workshop: Developing Anaerobic Digester Projects from Livestock and Food Processing Wastes

List of Events

Date27–29 January 2009
Location: Monterrey, Mexico
Industry Sector: Agriculture

Welcome and Overview of Agriculture Workshop (PDF, 9 pp, 299 KB)

Session I: Technical Considerations for digestion of agri-food wastes and project identification

Physical, Chemical, and Biological Properties and Impacts on Gas Production (PDF, 19 pp, 199 KB)
Kurt Roos, U.S. EPA AgSTAR Program
Preliminary results of country resource assessments (Philippines, India, or Argentina) (PDF, 22 pp, 547 KB)
Miguel Franco, PA Consultants
CDM Methodologies for calculating GHG reductions from co-mingled and non-manure waste in AD systems (PDF, 13 pp, 53 KB)
Zarina Azzizova, World Bank

Session 2: AD Systems in Europe

Co-digestion: The European Experience (PDF, 59 pp, 1.4 MB)
Heinz-Peter Mang, German Biogas and Bioenergy Society
The UK Experience with Food Waste and AD. (PDF, 24 pp, 813 KB)
Nina Sweet, Waste & Resources Action Programme

Session 3: Project Case Studies

AD projects using Palm Oil as a substrate (PDF, 36 pp, 2.2 MB)
Dennis Shanklin, Environmental Fabrics Inc.
Sugar Cane Processing Waste Project in the Philippines (PDF, 11 pp, 324 KB)
Zarina Aziziova, World Bank
Recovering Methane from Slaughterhouse Wastes in Colombia (PDF, 16 pp, 874 KB)
Carlos Torro, Centro Nacional de Producción Más Limpia y Tecnologías Ambientales
An AD system in a juice processing plant in Mexico (PDF, 14 pp, 856 KB)
Alejandro Romay, JUMEX