Municipal Solid Waste

Landfill Biogas Seminar

List of Events

Date18 September 2009
Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan
Industry Sector: Municipal Solid Waste


Welcome and Introductions
• 1a) Landfill and Landfill Gas Basics (PDF, 21 pp, 429 KB)
Cathleen Hall, SCS Engineers

Landfill Biogas Energy Systems
• 2a) Landfill Wellfield Project Components (PDF, 33 pp, 1.9 MB)
Adrian Loening, Carbon Trade

• 2b) Modeling Landfill Biogas Generation (PDF, 32 pp, 1.5 MB)
Adrian Loening, Carbon Trade

Landfill Biogas Project Planning
• 3) Economics of Landfill Biogas Technology Applications (PDF, 24 pp, 116 KB)
Adrian Loening, Carbon Trade

Event Resources

Resource ImageResourceYear
EconomicsEconomics of Landfill Biogas Technology Applications
(PDF, 1.4 MB, 24pp)
LandfillLandfill and Landfill Gas Basics
(PDF, 439.1 KB, 21pp)
LandfillLandfill Wellfield and Project Components, Lesson 2a
(PDF, 2 MB, 33pp)
ModelingModeling Landfill Biogas Generation
(PDF, 1.6 MB, 32pp)

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