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The Global Methane Forum is a premier global event that brings together policy-makers, industry leaders, technical experts, and researchers from around the world to discuss opportunities to address methane emissions while advancing the recovery and use of methane as a clean energy source. The theme for this year’s Forum is Taking Action for Sustainable Energy and a Clean Environment.

The Global Methane Forum 2020, to be held in Geneva, Switzerland from 23‑27 March 2020, provides a unique opportunity for participants to access:

  • High-level plenary sessions on cross-cutting issues under the theme of “A Call to Action”
  • Presentations about proven, innovative methane mitigation techniques and productive uses of recovered methane
  • Technical sessions on biogas (agricultural sources, municipal solid waste, municipal wastewater systems), coal mines, and oil and natural gas systems
  • GMI Subcommittee level discussions on policy and projects
  • Meetings of the UNECE Group of Experts on Coal Mine Methane and Group of Experts on Gas
  • Opportunities for networking with methane experts in the public and private sectors from around the world
  • A recognition celebration for participants in the Global Methane Challenge

We look forward to seeing you in March 2020.

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See Which Countries Will Be Represented at the Forum

As with previous events, we anticipate hundreds of stakeholders to attend from numerous countries. The map below highlights the countries that are currently represented by registered participants. Register today!