The agenda below is being provided for reference purposes. Updates will be posted as information becomes available.

Agenda for the Coal Subcommittee Meeting

Monday, 23 March 2020, Palais de Nations, Room XXI

15:00 – 15:05 Welcome, Opening of the Meeting and Adoption of the Agenda
Subcommittee Co-Chairs
15:05 – 15:20 Keynote Addresses
15:20 – 17:40 Panel Discussion
Effectively Navigating Regulations, Markets, and Technical Hurdles to Get Projects Launched: Experiences of Developers and Mining Companies from Around the World
  1. Brief Presentations from Panel Participants (5-7 minutes)
  2. Moderated Discussion
  3. Q&A from Meeting Participants
17:40 – 17:50 Readout of Summary of Lessons Learned Identified during the Discussion
17:50 – 18:00 Summary of Action Items and Adjourn
Subcommittee Co-Chairs

Palais de Nations