Registration for the Global Methane Forum 2020 is completed in 2 parts.

First, register with GMI. All participants must register with GMI on this website. Enter your email address in the box to begin and then complete a brief form to provide contact information and your plans to participate in the Forum sessions. You will receive a confirmation email from GMI when you complete this part.

Then, register with UNECE. GMF 2020 is being hosted by UNECE at the Palais des Nations, Geneva, Switzerland. All participants must also register with UNECE to obtain access to the event. To register with UNECE:

  1. Go to UNECE’s Global Methane Forum 2020 event page. Scroll to the bottom of the page where registration information and documentation are presented.
  2. On the Registration tab, click the “ONLINE REGISTRATION” link.
  3. Log into the UNCDB Online Meeting Registration system. Participants who have previously registered to attend a UNECE event will have an existing user account. If this is your first UNECE meeting, create a new account to begin.