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Sri Lanka was welcomed into GMI on 14 July 2011 and will participate in the Agriculture, Municipal Solid Waste, and Wastewater Subcommittees. The Sri Lanka government has planned to generate 20 percent of its grid electricity from nonconventional renewable energy sources by 2020, of which waste-to-energy projects are expected to contribute approximately 250 MW. Based on data in EPA's Draft Global Non-CO2 Emissions Projections Report: 1990-2030 report (issued August 2011), Sri Lanka's 2010 estimated anthropogenic methane emissions totaled 23 MMTCO2E. Municipal Solid Waste represent more than 50 percent of Sri Lanka's anthropogenic methane emissions–11.6 MMTCO2E–and an additional 5 percent (1.1 MMTCO2E) come from the agriculture (manure management) and wastewater sectors.

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